Capture precious moments.
Express your personality

I work with individuals, families, and brands, and
specialize in moody, soulful photography that tells
stories and evokes emotion. The human face is endlessly
fascinating to me, and I love capturing the many sides
and depths of a person with my images.
During a session, I like to be both an observer, and a
gentle director. I provide a space for self-expression
where you can relax, open up, and be playful. People
tell me I’m good at getting them past their camera
shyness. One reason might be my preference for longer
photo sessions - at least 2 hours - where we both have
plenty of time to build a connection, get comfortable,
and play around with different ideas. That’s when the
magic usually happens.
I mostly work with natural light, and preferably out in
nature. I have a knack for finding the perfect spots to
tell a story and get the right mood.
I’m available for travel, and have permission to work
anywhere within the EU.