I want to stay connected with you

Hello, my dear friend, in the darkness of today I am trying to find a way to keep living. I don't know what the future holds for me. But I don't want to loose the connection I have with you. 
So I decided to start an e-mail list. 

The plan is no plan


I would love to have a way to inform you of my whereabouts. And maybe about little pieces of normality that I will meet on my way. I hope my ability to make art will be back to me, for now I feel like an empty shell.

I will have to be very careful with words as too many themes are censored now in my country.
My promise to you that you won't see sales or promotions here. I won't spam, frequency will be monthly or bi-weekly, no schedule. 

Basically I am Jon Snow now. I know nothing. I have my personal moral principles inside and that's it.

A little bit about me 

My name is Vera Golosova

I used to be artist YouTuber and used to run Patreon.

I hope I still am an artist and letterer. 

Finally for the first time in years I came up with the idea of a book (3 books actually). 

I am a forest and swamp lover, a dog and cat owner, a mother, a partner. 

I am curious for many things big and small in life, but now everything seems unimportant now.