This is my now page. Written on 15th of May 2024.


I live in Torredembarra, Catalonia, Spain. Me, my partner and our son (7,5yo) moved here after a year of living in Turkey. It happened last September.


I work as a freelancer now. I am re-imagining my career again. 

My main services are lettering/calligraphy and portrait photography. I have a long years of experience in photography, I was just a bit burned out by it. Now I feel excited again and ready to provide to my clients and create beautiful stories with them.


I share my time between doing client jobs, working on my own creative projects, running a YouTube channel, dispatching a newsletter from Substack, hosting a sketch club and a writing group.


We co-rent a big apartment with another family, our friends, who lived in Turkey before. They also are originally from Moscow. Co-living is beneficial, but not easy. We are doing fine though. And we have a big terrase with a sea view. 


I am learning Spanish. My hope is to start learning Catalan in Autumn.


I celebrated my first sobriety anniversary in April. It still feels good to not drink any alcohol. 


This year I planned to read more and I do.




Idea is taken from Derek Sivers.