This is my now page. Written on 10th of May 2023.


I live in Turunç, Muğla province, Turkey. Me, my partner and our son (6yo) moved here half a year ago, in Autumn 2022.


I worked as a full time book art director for 8 months befor the move, but had to leave my job, so we can move to a small village with no daycare in Russian. 


I aim to read more books and to write more of what I think about, enjoy drinking tea and coffe, I quit drinking alcohol for 4 months. 


Now I share my time between running a YouTube channel, dispatching a newsletter from Substack, providing lettering for clients, caring for my son, and running our home. 


It is a big change from life in Moscow (15 (?) mln capital city) to a village with 1k of local citizens both Turkish and foreigners.

I am still getting used to that.

Life here is also about awe. Because mountains, sea, vegetable marget, goats, ancient Greek ruins, warm people, etc.

But also a challenge - how to raise a kid without usual and understandible path expected by society. 




Idea is taken from Derek Sivers.